cognito signup confirmation emails provide link that indicates it is invalid... what causes this to happen?


I recreated this issue by checking the user pool to verify a user with specific email address does not exists. I have signup link on login screen that uses amplify to do the signup for new account. The settings for a new account require email and verification is set to be sent by email. New user uses sign up on site then after I checked user pool, the user shows added and UNCONFIRMED . The new user goes to their email and they have an email verification with a link to verify the email address... when they click on the link they get this message back indicating the link was invalid. Error message
But if you check the user in the user pool.. it now shows as CONFIRMED. Why is the user's link showing it is invalid... this is confusing to the new user who just signed up... What causes this? We do not have custom signup flow - nor any lambda triggers - we are relying on the automated service to do the work.

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