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RDS Proxy raises InvalidParameterValue error


Hi, I'm glad RDS Proxy was generally available.
I'm applying RDS Proxy to my Aurora MySQL 5.7.12 cluster, referring to
But I cannot register DB Proxy Targets as follows:

% aws rds register-db-proxy-targets --db-proxy-name my-rds-proxy --db-instance-identifier my-rds-cluster

An error occurred (InvalidParameterValue) when calling the RegisterDBProxyTargets operation: Database engine OSCAR 5.7.12 for DB Instance my-rds-cluster is not supported. Register the DB cluster instead of DB instance, or use another DB instance that is supported.

Document said, "You can simplify connection management for your Amazon RDS DB instances and Amazon Aurora DB clusters by using RDS Proxy." My aurora can't though.
Any solutions?

asked 2 years ago146 views
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As per the command used by you, I can see that the AWS CLI command for registering target group of RDS Proxy uses --db-instance-identifiers option which needs a "instance identifier" and I suspect that the "Cluster Identifier" was mentioned.

For cluster, you can use the option "--db-cluster-identifiers". The above information is mentioned in the below document.

answered 2 years ago

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