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I have a rather complex query that is timing out more than 50% of the time in Quicksight. Is there a way that AWS can prevent the time out without changing the query? I'm adding rows through the use of 12 unions which I think is the reason for the timeout (very much needed).

Error description is shown below when I run it in Athena Query timeout This query ran against the "ewa_prd6_ohs" database, unless qualified by the query. Please post the error message on our forum or contact customer support with Query Id: 2a089f79-463f-4d37-8ca7-52ca09d43362

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Hi Mark, If I understand correctly, you are directly query Athena table from Quicksight and getting time out error. To handle this error you can try importing your data to SPICE. In this case query time out is 30 mins.

You can also refer https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/quicksight-resolve-query-timeout-issues for more detail.

answered 25 days ago

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