How to prevent Windows LightSail RDP from going to sleep?


I have got an AWS Windows Server 2022 Lightsail instance with RDP access, and I require certain applications to run continuously on it. However, when I close the tab or RDP client, the RDP session enters sleep mode after 10 minutes, which disrupts my applications' functionality. I attempted to address this issue by modifying group policies, but I have yet to find a successful solution. Can you suggest alternative methods to prevent the RDP session from sleeping?

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Can't the running application run in the background?
If we could run it in the background, it would be possible to keep it running even if the RDP session is out.

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  • no, it's like a browser window. I just want the RDP to stay on 24/7 without going to sleep


Your RDP connection is a remote session. When you close RDP client, the session is disconnected and will timeout.

You can configure your remote session not to timeout via Group Policy (gpedit.msc), i.e. Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Session Time Limits.

Change Set time limit for disconnected session and all the rest to Disabled.

It works for me on a Lightsail Windows 2022 instance.
I disconnected RDP session at 11:54am, and was able to connect back at 12:12 pm. As per below screenshot, the Group Policy settings are set to Disabled. Do verify your settings.

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