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Hi all,

I have been working on deploying an application on an EC2 instance (ubuntu 22.04) and have ran into some issues with ssh'ing back into the server after a restart. I take it that the associated volume is fine, as I'm able to migrate and mount it to other EC2 instances with my .pem file and get in via ssh without issue. I have verified that this pem file is valid, as well as that it is the relevant one for this specific instance. I've included a picture of the verbose errors I've received when trying to ssh, and am happy to provide more granular details if needed.Enter image description here.

  • Hi, @okeefe.

    Please tell us your pre-change and post-change instance types.

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Hi - Please provide more details from which instance type to which you made the resize and also can you please see if the instructions on following are being followed?

In the AWS EC2 console, click on the checkbox next to your instance's name, then click on Actions and select Connect. Click on the SSH client tab and copy the ssh command example and also see all other instructions.

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