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WorkDocs Activity Not Exporting


I am trying to export the activity from a file on my WorkDocs and it's not working - how can I fix this? I have downloaded the companion apps and still nothing.

asked a month ago17 views
1 Answer


If you have downloaded WorkDocs Companion app, please verify the following:

  1. The companion app is installed and and running. You should see it's icon on the system menu.
  2. If you have verified that you are running it by clicking on the icon and the popup menu appears that has 2 menu selections ("Abbout WorkDocs Companion..." and "Send Diagnostic Logs.."), please try Exporting the activity log from the Web Client and verify you have received the activity feed export in the WorkDocsDownloads folder. Please see for the exact location of the folder.

If you still cannot download the activity feed, please contact our customer support to have our team help you resolve the issue.

Thank you.

answered a month ago

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