I created the node js application in my local along with nginx server it was working fine but whenever i push the code to code commit and deploy the amplify frontend i get the empty page only.


I developed a Node.js application on my local machine with an Nginx server, and it worked flawlessly. However, after pushing the code to CodeCommit and deploying the Amplify frontend, I'm faced with an issue where only an empty page is displayed. In the empty sheet I got the title only

Chrome: Amplify page screenshot: I got the title font only after I getting only the empty page

Firefox: This is a firefox output

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I've run into a similar issue before with SPAs. Updating the "Rewrites and redirects" section resolved it in my case.


You may have to include additional types in the regular expression. Please let me know if this does not resolve the issue or if you have any question.

Rewrites and redirects

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  • Hi Karthik, Did this resolve the issue? Do you have any other questions? If not, would you mind marking my answer as accepted?

  • The problem has been resolved. The reason for the issue was that I didn't specify the build settings for the artifacts directory. I only mentioned the build directory, which resulted in the automatic appearance of the page.

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