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Does IVS support rewinding?


Hi all!
I'm looking into using the Amazon Interactive Video Service.

The context:
I'm making a service for managing some live streams. The live stream creation flow is as follows. Initially I start a live stream, and send the playback URL one remote viewer (an admin of sorts), and then some time later, when the admin is ready, the same playback URL is sent to the public viewers.
It is to enable a preview for an admin, before letting the rest of the world join in, without having to stop, configure, and then restart, the stream.

My question:
Are the public (who joined the live stream later) able to rewind and watch the stream from the beginning?

I definitely do NOT want them to be able to rewind and watch video from before they started streaming from the playback URL. I'm not super familiar with the protocol of RTMPS, but it does not look like rewinding to before joining the stream is possible, but I only tested with VLC and video.js. But I have to make sure that the public viewers cannot just pull older streaming packages somehow.

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Hi there,

By default, it is not possible to scrub/rewind a live stream of IVS video.

This being said, it is possible to implement DVR functionality with IVS, as demonstrated with our sample at

It is important to note, however, that using the above functionality (or streaming a VOD that was recorded to S3, as described in would allow the viewers to scrub/rewind back, even before the playback URL was pushed to your public viewers.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, as we'd be happy to assist!

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answered 2 months ago

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