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When exporting an AWS Lex v2 bot, I noticed that it is exported as multiple separate files. I wondered if there was a way to combine or extract these files from AWS into a single JSON file that includes all the information such as intents and slots.

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Hello, I have checked and probably there is no direct way and even it cannot be imported back as can only import a compressed static JSON file in zip format in LexV2. File must contain a definition of the bot, including all properties such as name, sample utterances and responses, which are available in same zip export itself.

However, to combine different JSON files, can use following steps to combine files:

  1. Open each file in a text editor.
  2. Copy contents of each file.
  3. Paste contents into a new file.
  4. Save new file with a .json extension.

Also, Lambda to merge multiple JSON files into a single JSON file:

import json

file_paths = ["intents.json", "slot_types.json", "bot_settings.json"]

combined_data = {}

for file_path in file_paths: with open(file_path, "r") as file: data = json.load(file) combined_data.update(data)

with open("combined_bot.json", "w") as file: json.dump(combined_data, file, indent=4)

In above script, need to specify the file paths of the separate JSON files exported from AWS Lex v2 in file_paths list. Script then iterates through each file, loads its contents as JSON data, and updates combined_data dictionary with merged information. Finally, combined data is written to a new JSON file named "combined_bot.json". Need to include all JSON files like - bot.json, manifest.json, bot intents, slot types and their corresponding JSON files. Adjust file paths in S3 and file names according to specific export and desired output file name:

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