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Invalid SSL Certificate


Hi, my domain is registered in godaddy and my hosting server is aws, to get ssl certified i have set up my dns server in cloudflare, but it's not working. somehow i get to know that my hostname ( does not match the common name ( so that's why the certificate is invalid for this host.

Now, can anyone guide me how can i change this common name?

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The SSL Certificate bears the hostname whatever you keyed in as you CN in your CSR (request file). If you want to change it, then you need to rekey you CSR and regenerate the whole certificate and import it again.

answered 13 days ago
  • Thanks for your response,

    Yes i started all over again, but while generating the domain its showing a notice in cloudflare dashboard that -

    This zone is in a pending state and contains proxied records. Until the zone is activated, DNS queries to proxied records will expose the origin IP / hostname and traffic cannot be proxied through Cloudflare. For more information refer to Limitations for pending domains.

    Now, what's that mean, how to activated the zone??

  • Pending domains Every zone onboarded onto Cloudflare will initially be in pending state until we can verify ownership. This means that DNS records are not proxied until your zone has been activated and any requests to your DNS records will return your origin server’s IP address.

    For enhanced security, we recommend rolling your origin IP addresses at your hosting provider after your zone has been activated. This action prevents your origin IPs from being leaked during onboarding.

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