Drop tables error due to special symbol



I created tables with special characters in it. I am unable to delete those tables from my database. Please suggest me a fix. I tried number of queries but I could not delete these tables. I have used back ticks to enclose the table name but it did not work.

DROP TABLE customer_id_partitioned_{$$.time.now}

DROP TABLE customer_id_partitioned_"{$$.time.now}"

DROP TABLE customer_id_partitioned_"{""$""$".time.now"}"

Error: FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10255]: Invalid table name customer_id_partitioned_{$$.time.now}

This query ran against the "dev_systems" database, unless qualified by the query. Please post the error message on our forum or contact customer support with Query Id: 3ae412b1-044a-4b5c-abe3-f9e39568daa6

Is there a way to forcefully delete it?

Thanks, Arora

  • Could you try this DROP TABLE customer_id_partitioned_{$$.time.now}

  • Could you next time provide a little more context like what is your environment, service in use etc to ease contribution?

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