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Hello Everyone,

I have requested for origination number, and created in aws pinpoint ohio region, also I already got number but it still showing me in "pending state" instead of Active state in both pinpoint and in sns origination number section.

So please guide me on this: when it gets in Active state/make it on active state to send sms in us region?

Note: I have already tried to contact support team on this issue but not get proper support/answer on this issue.

Thanks in advance

2 Answers

“Pending” status means that the registration process has not been completed. Registering the Toll-free number can be completed via the Amazon PinPoint Console.

Kindly find the below documentation to follow on how to register your toll free number.


answered 6 months ago

Hi, see

You have 3 types of number that you can ask for: Long code, tool-free or 10DLC. Depending on your choice, next step is described on the page above for each type.



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answered 8 months ago
  • As I mentioned in my post, I have already registered and got the number but it's not in active state showing in "pending state".

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