AWS Security Hub: Sending Findings to S3 for Athena


I am trying to find a way to create Athena queries that handle information from AWS Security Hub, such as the 'Findings' displayed within it. Athena's input data comes from S3. Is there a way to specify a location in S3 that will receive the findings from AWS Security Hub, or is there already a location I should try looking into? Is there any other way to feed Security Hub information into Athena?

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In principle, you should move security hub logs to an s3 bucket of choice, and then use Athena to query from that bucket.

You can check these out:

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answered a year ago

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You can use the new service, Amazon Security Lake, which automatically sends security hub findings to an S3 bucket and sets up Athena for you.

For more details, see here:

answered a year ago

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