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Is it possible move/migrate EIP to another account?



I have in an account an EIP (Elastic IP) that is being used in an EC2, for a series of needs, I need to migrate/move this EIP to another AWS account, is this possible ? What is the procedure?


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Yes, it is possible to move an elastic IP address across accounts. All you have to do is Open a support cases from both the source and destination accounts to authorize and acknowledge the transfer

---request content---
Elastic IP: 
source account id: 
target account id:  
Use case description:

Once the transfer is completed internally by the Support:

Source account A needs to release the EIP.

Target Account B allocates the EIP using the following aws cli

$ aws ec2 allocate-address --domain vpc --address [EIP]

Please also note An Elastic IP address is for use in a specific Region only, and cannot be moved to a different Region.

solution is from this post

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  • Hi ,

    Thanks you for your answer, but, How long does the whole process take? This is to have an estimation of the unavailability during the process.


Hello Zeus, I'm not pretty sure about how long it takes but this doc has the timelines - please refer

answered a month ago

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