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HI Team, we have configure AWS distro open telemetry add-on and deployed collector config by adding aws managed prometheus endpoint to collector configuration with required service role as per document. But collector is unable to scrape endpoint. Below are logs of collector are attached. Please guide us

2023-07-16T08:49:45.485Z warn internal/transaction.go:114 Failed to scrape Prometheus endpoint {"kind": "receiver", "name": "prometheus", "data_type": "metrics", "scrape_timestamp": 1689497385480, "target_labels": "{name="up", dapr_io_enabled="true", instance="", job="kubernetes-services", kubernetes_name="workflow-access-dapr", kubernetes_namespace="dev"}"}

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You can check here, this is the new free course about Managed Prometheus: There is also a collector manifest in this course.

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