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With an existing auto-scaling group, and an existing CodeDeploy revision, we encounter quite a few DownloadBundle failures from CodeDeploy when a scale-out event occurs. What exactly is DownloadBundle doing? I would assume, based on the name, that it's pulling the zip file from "Revision location" (e.g - S3). According to the events log, the ApplicationStop event executed prior to DownloadBundle and that hook is defined in appspec.yml which is stored in the zip file ("Revision location") retrieved from S3 so I would assume the download from S3 has already happend.

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What exactly is DownloadBundle doing?

The AWS Official FAQs state the following [1]

[1] AWS CodeDeploy FAQs | Amazon Web Sevices,DownloadBundle,-During%20this%20deployment
----- excerpt -----
During this deployment lifecycle event, the agent copies the revision files to a temporary location on the instance. This deployment lifecycle event is reserved for the agent and cannot be used to run user scripts.
----- excerpt -----

I'm not sure of the specific error in your environment, but I found a similar GitHub Issue below. [2]

[2] CodeDeploy fails at "DownloadBundle" step - Issue #255 - aws/aws-codedeploy-agent

According to the GitHub Issue above, this can happen with certain CodeDeploy agent versions.

I hope this is helpful.

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