AWS Backup incurred a ton of GET requests on my S3 bucket



The other day I used AWS Backup to backup two S3 buckets. One had ~200 GB of data and the other had ~700 GB of data. Both buckets are in us-west-2 and the backup vault is in us-west-2 too. Running the backup caused a major spike in our s3 cost. Usually our s3 costs are about $1/day, but running the backup once cost about $120 because it incurred 322,484,440 GET requests on the buckets. Am I doing this wrong? I don't understand why the S3 cost would be so high for running AWS Backup.

Thanks in advance, Liam

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Please refer to the pricing page

*** For S3 objects smaller than 128 KB, the backups would be priced as a 128KB backup. In addition to the per GB-month charge for S3 backup, you will be charged for GET requests on your S3 objects and you will also be charged for EventBridge events that are required to create backups. Please see the pricing example below.

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answered 7 days ago

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