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We are using AWS Server for our Multiplayer Game by allowing players to connect via elastic ip with NetworkManager in Mirror/Unity. It has been 4 weeks that App Store review team has been trying to connect to my AWS Server. No one else, including Google Play Store team, has this issue but App Store review team. My security group is set to both TCP and UDP ports in inbound rules. Everything is set to as it should be. What can the problem be? How can i make app reviewer connect to my Server?

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I understand that you are having difficulty with your EC2 server connection through Elastic IP. [1]
Please ensure that:
-Security group rules for inbound is allow connection to the port or protocol
-Inbound and outbound network access control list rules allow connection to the port or protocol
-Route table for the subnet of the elastic network allow to send and receive traffic from internet [2]
-OS firewall on the EC2 instance allows traffic to the port or protocol
After ensured all the steps, please reach out to Apple and verify the necessary details on the required port and work with the Apple team for the solution.
Please contact if you have any further AWS questions, and feel free to reach out to us via a support case to facilitate a discussion on the specifics of your resources.

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