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/console access to c5n.metal/

console access to c5n.metal



I have a c5n.metal instance where network configuration is not working. Serical console is not available. Is there any kind of alternative console/out of band management (aka IPMI KVM Access, iLO, RSB, iDRAC)?

Thanks Roger

asked 14 days ago4 views
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Hello Roger,

Thank you for posting your question. Unfortunately there is no out of band management available for bare metal EC2 instances. In order to resolve issues when networking fails on these instances, the best option would be to detach the EBS volume and attach it to a temporary rescue instance. You can then make the required changes to the network configuration and then re-attach it to the bare metal instance. The guide referenced below1 provides instructions for the procedure of attaching your EBS volume to a rescue instance.


answered 12 days ago

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