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Exporting a database to AWS


Hello, I can't export my database on AWS, I tried to connect to the database using the endpoint but when I do the connection test I have this error: Could not connect to address=(host=****************** )(port=3306)(type=****): Socket fail to connect to host: ****************** , port:3306. ************************. waiting for a solution, thank you.

  • Does you database security group allow traffic from the IP you are connecting from?

1 Answers

What is the flavor of the database on AWS? Did you create it as a public database or inside a VPC? From where are you trying to access the database? Without knowing these it will be hard to tell the root cause. You can look at the following AWS Support Knowledge Center article to get some guidance to debug the issue -

answered 23 days ago
  • my database flavor is Maria db and it is created inside a vpc. I tested a connection by PHP storm taking care to select Maria db

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