What is "Tax" in cost management and why is billed "randomly" only on certain days


in cost management I always show Cost and Usage breakdown by "service".

There is one service named "Tax" which I struggle to understand. It doesn't seem to correlate to a % of the total, like a normal tax would.

See for instance these approx values:

MonthTotal BillTax

Can it somehow be related to the "developer plan" that I activated in October? that should be 29$/month tho...

Then this "tax" seem to be spread un-evenly day-to-day. If I see the daily reports of costs, breakdown by day, most day tax is 0$. Yesterday (which was first of the month, coincidence?) it was approx 30$


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Could you please check AWS Cost Explorer? It provides a high-level overview. For more detailed insights, examining the detailed billing reports and corresponding service-specific pricing documentation is crucial. If you have specific questions about your AWS bill, which is important because of the money involved, AWS Support is the best resource for assistance tailored to your account and usage. You can reach out to them here: AWS Support Console :- https://support.console.aws.amazon.com/support/home#/

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answered 5 months ago
  • +1 to this; because each customer's setup is different (depends on the country, region, accounts, services that you're using) how you are charged tax on those services will be different; so it's best to open a billing support case to clarify this with them (billing support is free)

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