In VPC, EC2 works, lambda fails on call to iot:describe-endpoint


I have an EC2 instance and a lambda. They have the same:

  • region
  • VPC
  • subnets
  • security groups
  • inbound rules
  • outbound rules
  • iot permissions

On EC2:

$ aws iot describe-endpoint --endpoint-type iot:Data-ATS

returns my accounts endpoint address.

I want to run the equivalent on a lambda:

const client = new IoTClient({});
const response = await client.send(
            new DescribeEndpointCommand({ endpointType: "iot:Data-ATS" })

client does not return (and the lambda times out).

If I move the lambda out of the VPC, client returns a response and it is correct.

I cannot see why describe-endpoint works on EC2 in a VPC, but not on lambda in the same VPC (with the same apparent subnet, security group, and permissions).

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Is there a route to the NAT Gateway in the route table for the subnet that Lambda is using?
Even if Lambda is tied to a public subnet, the ENI is not set to a public IP address, so API execution, etc. will fail.
So you need to set up a NAT Gateway, VPC endpoints, etc. to avoid this.

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answered 9 days ago
  • the ENI is not set to a public IP address

    I had forgotten about that. Thank you very much.


Lambda functions that you attach to a VPC do not have internet access like Lambda functions which you do not attach. If your function is attached to a VPC, it must be attached to private subnets and you also need an IoT core VPC endpoint or a NAT Gateway and a route in the private subnets to the NAT Gateway.

You should only attach the function to the VPC if you actually need to access resources within the VPC.

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answered 9 days ago

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