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/Batch ArrayProperties configured from input in Step Functions/

Batch ArrayProperties configured from input in Step Functions


I'd like to have the size of a Batch job be configurable from inputs of a Step Function.

However, both:

"ArrayProperties": {
  "Size": "$.ArraySize"


"ArrayProperties": {
  "Size": $.ArraySize

do not work. The former complains that type, string, is invalid for the paramter, and the latter complains of a syntax error.

Is it what I'd like to achieve possible?

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This should be possible. Can you please try the following:

        "ArrayProperties": {
            "Size.$": "$.ArraySize"

I have just tried this out and the size parameter now takes it's value from the input. Please check out this part of our documentation for additional details in setting parameters ->

If this does not work, kindly send your task state and I will check if I may have missed anything.

answered 4 months ago

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