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I'm getting this error when looking at the cloud watch log events during the training of an image classifier: Customer Error: The value 'crop_color_transformation' is not valid for the 'augmentation_type' hyperparameter which accepts one of the following: 'crop', 'crop_color', 'crop_color_transform' (caused by ValidationError)

  • what does your training script looks like? The error points out that you are trying to do an hyperparameter optimization on an unsupported parameter.

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According to our doc, the parameter augmentation_type is categorical and only accepts the following three values

  • crop
  • crop_color
  • crop_color_transform There is no value called crop_color_transformation. Are you passing this value to augmentation_type when launching the training job ? If so, please try crop_color_transform to achieve the same.
answered 2 months ago

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