Downloading large files with greengrass component deployment.


I'm trying to download large file as an 'Artifact' of a component - however it's 6GB and larger than the size limit allowed for these I believe. Ideally, I'd like someway for the deployment process to dynamically create a pre-signed URL when the component is deployed to the device - so I can then manually download it. Is there any facility for this ? Or any alternatives with greengrass environment ?

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Hi majh -

Have you looked at downloading the artifact without a pre-signed URL? Greengrass provides your component with AWS credentials. See

Thanks, -joe

answered 3 months ago
  • Nice! I didn't realise that Greengrass provides credentials for the component. Thanks.


In case you have Python and Boto3 on the device you can use boto3 S3 client to download the file. The S3 client download_file function is optimized for the download of large files and would be more efficient than using curl or wget with a presigned URL.


answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks - particularly for large files and mobile environments - is there any built-in functionality in here for continue/resume type operation - ie similar to 'curl -C -", or would this need to be implemented using something like 'aws s3api get-object with a --range option' and we need to handle the re-attempts on top of this ?

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