What is our cross-region DR solution with 0s RPO?


Do we have a RDBMS solution in combination with other features/products/services that we can offer to our customer, guaranteeing Zero RPO across regions?

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I don't know if we can "guarantee" a RPO=0, (think 11 9s but not 100%). However, you can layer different approaches together to get close. Starting with standard approaches in RDS such as multi AZ, and read replicas helps get us closer to RPO=0. After this you can start thinking about the design of the entire workload. A good example is https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/publicsector/a-pragmatic-approach-to-rpo-zero/. You can even add more tools to your pipeline to add redundancy to capture data that is inflight such as SQS for example. You have to be careful, of course, not to over engineer the solution but that depends on the customer's requirements.

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The speed of light is still a problem. In theory, you could have your system ensure that the replication has been completed before returning success (ACID compliance), but in practice, the performance across distance makes this an impractical solution. Both Amazon Aurora (PostgreSQL) and Amazon S3 offer the ability to manage an RPO, but they are non-zero.

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