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Grant access to view objects in S3 through web browser.


Please someone should help me out. I am a newbie in to AWS currently at the practitioner level. Am trying a handson on view my objects in the S3 bucket through my browser. I have created a JSON policy but I ended up with this error message.

Unknown Error An unexpected error occurred. API response Policies must be valid JSON and the first byte must be '{'

  • Could you post the policy you're using?

asked a month ago49 views
3 Answers

In order to view objects publically through a browser you have to first make "ACLs enabled" in object ownership which can be found in the permissions tab of the bucket. Once you've done that, go back to the list view of objects, and in the actions dropdown select "Make public using ACL" this will make the selected object public.

answered 25 days ago


To me it looks like more of an issue with the S3 bucket policy. Please check the the syntax for the bucket policy specified under the permission tab in bucket policy. The error message states, your policy should start with {
Ensure that there are no preceding spaces.

answered 24 days ago

This error message indicates that your bucket policy may not be adhering to the format that the S3 Service is expecting in that space. To resolve this issue, I'd recommend creating a bucket policy statements using the AWS Policy Generator app . On the AWS Policy Generator page, in Select Type of Policy, make sure you choose S3 Bucket Policy. Once you've created your statements, you can copy the statements from policy generator and paste the same in your S3 Bucket policy console. Alternatively, you can also try to use JSON formatting app ( like JSON Lint) to correct the current policy that's erroring out to look for missing '}'.

answered 24 days ago

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