How to access metrics from CWAgent in CloudWatch console?


I've set up the CloudWatch agent on a Linux EC2 instance, but I'm completely stumped on how to access the metrics it produces in the CloudWatch console (in this case, some items from the procstat plug-in) . The documentation makes reference to selecting the CWAgent namespace, but I'm not seeing any way to specify this namespace when browsing metrics. All I see from this instance is the standard set of metrics like CPU utilization, etc. Any advice?

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I think this issue has been solved. It was ultimately a configuration problem with the agent, which wasn't immediately evident from the agent's own log file, but was revealed in /var/log/messages. Once this problem was corrected, the CWAgent namespace began appearing on the CloudWatch console page.

answered 8 months ago

See if this link helps. It talks about procstat plugin and how to collect metrics using the same

answered 8 months ago
  • Sandeep, thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the doc page I am referring to; at the bottom it makes mention of choosing the CWAgent namespace, but I don't see where that can be done on the CloudWatch console page, and none of the new stats are appearing in the list of per-instance metrics for this instance.

    As far as I can tell, all indications of the agent on the instance itself (such as the agent log) are normal.

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