MWAA not loading Custom Secrets Backend



I have written a custom secrets backend ( and added it to my folder.

Secrets backend which leverages the AWS provided SecretsManagerBackend but uses the SecretCache.

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import boto3
from aws_secretsmanager_caching import SecretCache, SecretCacheConfig

from import (


class CachedSecretsManagerBackend(SecretsManagerBackend):
    def client(self):
        """Override the client used in the SecretsManagerBacked with a SecretCache."""
        session = boto3.session.Session(profile_name=self.profile_name)
        secret_cache_config = SecretCacheConfig(
            max_cache_size=self.kwargs.pop("max_cache_size", MAX_CACHE_SIZE),
            secret_refresh_interval=self.kwargs.pop("secret_refresh_interval_seconds", SECRET_REFRESH_INTERVAL_SECONDS)
        client = session.client(service_name="secretsmanager", **self.kwargs)
        cache = SecretCache(config=secret_cache_config, client=client)

        def get_secret_string_patched(SecretId):
            secret_string = cache.get_secret_string(SecretId)
  "Retrieved secret %s from cache.", SecretId)
            return {"SecretString": secret_string}

        # This function expects the `SecretId` argument and returns a dictionary with the "SecretString" Key
        cache.get_secret_value = get_secret_string_patched
        # To handle the exceptions when a secret is not found
        cache.exceptions = cache._client.exceptions

        return cache

To use the above script I need the below package and I've also added it to the requirements.txt file.


In the start-up script for MWAA I have also added the PYTHONPATH variable as below.


I have also updated the airflow.cfg to use the above backend, and the same on the MWAA console.

backend = cached_secrets_manager.CachedSecretsManagerBackend

With the above changes, I am able to get my secrets backend running on my local airflow, MWAA local runner and also an airflow process that I can launch on MWAA using the bash operator.

      cli_command_4 = BashOperator(
          bash_command='export AIRFLOW__SECRETS__BACKEND="cached_secrets_manager.CachedSecretsManagerBackend"; export PYTHONPATH="$AIRFLOW_HOME/plugins:$PYTHONPATH"; env; airflow scheduler'

However, when I try to use it on MWAA it does not work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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From the observations that you have shared, it looks like to be an expected behavior. You can consider using the secrets manager native integration - . May I know why are you doing it with plugins, any specific use case for this ?

answered a month ago

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