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How can I get the IP address of my domain.?


I have successfully transferred my domain from godaddy to AWS Route53, I have successfully configured 'A' name record in AWS Route53 hosted zone & for few days my website works fine but now my website is not reachable there is no 'A' name record in AWS Route53 hosted zone here is detail report on my website in this link can anybody knows how to get back my domain IP address.?

1 Answers

check your cloudtrail events if there are API Calls made for ChangeResourceRecordSets[1], this should show any deletion of records in your hosted zone. from there you can see the IP Address you have used before.

[1] ChangeResourceRecordSets -

answered a month ago
  • Hi Timothy_M thanks for your prompt response, I got the IP address from Godaddy now I will configure Route53 and try to create a 'A' name record in hosted zone.

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