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/Add dynamo db access permission to lambda function in cdk/

Add dynamo db access permission to lambda function in cdk


I have a lambda function which write data to and read data from dynamo db. I want to add resource based policy to lambda function. But I couldn't find any relevant method in the cdk. Though I found function.addPermission method, it provides permissions to other AWS services to invoke this lambda.

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For this you can use the add_role_to_policy function:

from aws_cdk import aws_lambda as _lambda
from aws_cdk.aws_lambda_python import PythonFunction
from aws_cdk import aws_iam as iam

my_function = PythonFunction(
    #function logic

The above policy uses Python and grants the Lambda GetItem permissions on the DynamoDB table which ARN you provide.

More info can be found here

answered 14 days ago

In general, it is recommended to use the grant function rather than granting permission directly from the cdk. for example,

const lambdaFunc = new lambda.Function(....);
const ddbTable = new ddb.Table(...);

answered 13 days ago
  • Where is this recommended? It seems its not as granular as adding a policy to the function where you can refine the permission policy to API/Resource? Instead, your example allows all API's against the table which is quite permissive.

    If you were to use this approach it would be best if you use the grantStream(grantee, ...actions) function where you can be more restrictive with your permissions.

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