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Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host


From today, I have problem to access my server on 443 port. I get an error "Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host". I've made reboot, instance status check is passed, but doesn't work. My instance ID: i-090a80f739d6b8da1

asked 11 days ago18 views
1 Answers

Pls, check the Security Group for instance. Maybe you forgot to add ports. If you have already added port 443 (HTTPS), I suggest adding port 80 (HTTP), (Maybe, you are accessing non SSL server). Furthermore, for SSH add port 22 (SSH) (For access through CLI). From the error, its looks like some issues with either the IP address or the Security group. Check your instance subnet (Public or private) and VPC (check whether your VPC internet is working or not: login instance through AWS console and ping public IP ). Also, check whether you are using private IP or Public address. (Use public for outside access and private for internet access).

answered 10 days ago

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