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Hi, Are the lambda function URL's based on cloudfront, i.e are they geo distributed, so if someone from USA looks, its a USA end point V's a UK looker, using a UK endpoint. I'm looking to find out if latency is reduced, or if its USA & UK users both hitting an endpoint i say Amsterdam

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No. Lambda function URLs are regional. Users calling the function from distant locations will have higher latency compared to users calling the URL from closer locations. You can always create a CloudFront distribution that will point to that URL to reduce the latency, but if the result can't be cached, the latency will still be higher.

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answered 4 months ago

we cant use cloudfront as we already tried it the payload is too small, so we we're using api gateway, which has a higher payload, so do these lambda function URL's have the same payload at API gateway?

answered 4 months ago
  • I am. not sure I understand. API Gateway has a limit of 10MB for the payload, whereas Lambda functions only 6MB. Even if you use API GW in front of a function, the payload size is limited to 6MB.

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