What is the preferred method to mount an S3 bucket to Linux EC2 instances?


I notice S3FS and AWS Mountpoint as available options to mount an S3 bucket. There are key limitations to both, but I just need a share that can be accessed across many EC2 instances where users can read/write/delete/rename files and folders. Throughput and performance are not important in this scenario, but the ability to rename and delete files/folders is important. Does anyone have any suggestions on this please?

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Take a look at storage gateway. Choose the EC2 option.

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answered a month ago
  • Thank you for your response. In this case, since these are all Linux servers, EFS looks like a better fit.


The lowest cost way of just mounting a bucket as a file-system would be to use Mountpoint for S3. This is an open-source file client that you can use to mount an S3 bucket on your compute instance and access it as a local file system.

Storage Gateway is your other option - but that can be more expensive.

If you just want to sync files from a local file-system to S3 in EC2 - then just use the AWS CLI together with the S3 Sync command.

Consider also using an S3 Gateway Endpoint in the VPC that your EC2 instance lives in - this will mean that traffic to S3 will not pass through your Internet Gateway - and thus not count as egress traffic from EC2.

answered a month ago

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