Amazon QuickSight CLI to schedule hourly ingestion


Is there a way in Amazon QuickSight to schedule hourly data set refresh via AWS CLI?

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Apart from the SPICE scheduled refresh from UI, you can use the create-ingestion CLI to perform manual refresh

Get the dataset id using list-data-sets API

aws quicksight list-data-sets --aws-account-id 1231 --region us-east-1

Create a ingestion to SPICE on-demand and use unique ingestion id every time you run this command:

aws quicksight create-ingestion --data-set-id abc1213131 --ingestion-id xyzab111 --aws-account-id 1231 --region us-east-1

Retrieve status:

aws quicksight describe-ingestion --data-set-id abc1213131 --ingestion-id xyzab111 --aws-account-id 1231 --region us-east-1

Note you can only run create-ingestion 24 times a day.

answered 2 years ago

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