EC2 Linux instance unresponsible/unreachable


Hi! One of our EC2 Linux instances have become unresponsible. I cannot connect via SSH, neither view the HTTP page via browser. The Instance State is "running" in the aws panel, therefore the Status Checking has a warning signal and displays 0/2 checks passed. I have already tried to reboot the instance using the aws interface and also the cli, with no success. It seems that the instance is not responding to the reboot command. There are no alarms for the instance region. Any ideas on how can I try to recover from this state?

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Try EC2Rescue for Linux.

You can detach the root volume of the EC2 instance that is having the problem, attach it to the instance that you have set up EC2Rescue, and run EC2Rescue for analysis and repair.

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answered 6 months ago
  • Hi! Thanks for your reply. I was able to do a forced stop of the instance. After that I've reassumed control of it.

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