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EC2 to VPC Migration.


We have an old AWS account that has support for ec2-classic in several zones. I would like the ec2-classic to be removed to be prepared for the ec2-classic end of live. We don't have any ec2-classic resources being used so it can be safely removed. Can someone tell me what i am missing? Can someone on AWS initiate this process for us if needed?

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If your account has access to EC2-Classic Networking but you are not actively using any EC2-Classic Networking resources, there should be no actions that you need to take on your end. If you do have some resources that have not been migrated by August 15, 2022, you may be reached out to by the AWS Support Team to see if you need any assistance migrating resources off of EC2-Classic.

Please see this blog post for additional information on preparing for the retiring of EC2-Classic Networking:

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  • Thank you, Chris. All clear now.

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