Changing S3 Bucket Region of Aws Amplify


I have recently used aws amplify to host my nextjs SSR app. By default, it somehow selected north virginia region for s3 bucket due to which i am facing latency in getting images on my website. Can i easily change this s3 bucket region to 'Asia-Pacific(Mumbai)' or can i create a new bucket in my region and point the existing aws amplify to it?

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answered 2 years ago

You cannot change the region associated with an s3 bucket. You have to delete the old bucket and then re-create it in the new region.

Please note: It usually takes around 24 hours for the bucket name to be available again for re-use. Most of the times its less. During that time, you might receive error like "Bucket already exists". Also, once you delete the bucket, it's name becomes globally available to all AWS accounts, so anyone can take your bucket name if you don't create it first.

answered 2 years ago
  • Can i create a new bucket and somehow do something, so aws-amplify use this newly created bucket instead of the old one?

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