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Hello! $ aws configure sso --> this command is not working in Ubuntu (wsl2). I am attempting to resolve this issue for 2 hours. Although it is working fine in Powershell and all other commands are fine too...and even for "aws configure" , ONLY SSO is not working. It displays as below when I tried $aws configure sso" To see help text, you can run:

Any one can help?

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This sounds like you may not have the right version of the AWS CLI installed on your uBuntu instance. By default V1 is available from the uBuntu repository, for V2 (which I recommend you use), you'll need to install it.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your prompt reply! One thing I found strange is that it shows currently running on version 2 like below owner@a-Desktop:/mnt/d$ wsl.exe -l -v NAME STATE VERSION

  • Ubuntu Running 2 docker-desktop Stopped 2 docker-desktop-data Stopped 2 which means I am running on version 2 now

However, I found shell commandLine is version 0.2.1 owner@a-Desktop:/mnt/d$ wsl Wsman Shell commandLine, version 0.2.1

I clicked the accepted button for my appreciation to you but pls advise me if you have any clue on this ..

answered a year ago
  • Do the following: 'aws --version' at the command line. It should return something like aws-cli/2.10.0 Python/3.11.2 If it is 1.x. update it following the steps above.

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