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Restoring Redshift Schema (only schema no data)form Prod cluster to non-prod cluster


Is there a way to restore Redshift Schema (only schema no data) form Prod cluster to non-prod cluster ? Snapshots would restore both but our requirement is to only restore the schema.

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1 Answer

Hi Sarbajit,

This is what I found as per AWS Whitepaper. **--source-schema-name (string)

The name of the source schema that contains the table to restore from. If you do not specify a SourceSchemaName value, the default is public .**

As well you can view the of all schemas on available on Redshift, via querying the PG_NAMESPACE. I'm assuming its must be postgres. So PostgreSQL queries must work here. select *from pg_namespace.

Conclusion: As per the above docs, it seems you need to backup your existing schema(may be snapshot) but while restoring you have to target the schema only.

answered 7 months ago

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