s3 backup error to aws backup


I am facing an error when trying to backup s3 bucket to AWS backup....Everything i have check but gett the following error:

Unable to perform events:ListRules on AwsBackupManagedRule The backup job failed to create a recovery point for your resource arn:aws:s3:::hppp due to missing permissions on role arn:aws:iam::676968646773:role/service-role/AWSBackupDefaultServiceRole.

Help me out with this, if possible please provide steps to troubleshoot it.Thanks

2 Answers

The error gives you pretty much everything you need. The role you've supplied the service doesn't have the correct permissions to complete the task. Namely it's missing events:ListRules. I would look for a guide on configuring this service as it will likely have a sample IAM role that you can use.

answered a month ago
  • I have configured it but still the same. Can you provide the steps, please??


Reason for the error is that you don't have the correct policies in your role. I will recommend you add this AWS managed policy (AWSBackupServiceRolePolicyForS3Backup) to to the roles you intend to use to backup.

Check out "Permissions and policies for Amazon S3 backup and restore" in the documentation below for more clarification. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/aws-backup/latest/devguide/s3-backups.html

answered 24 days ago

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