I got Instance status checks fail in EC2


I got Instance status checks fail in EC2 ubuntu 20.04 when I check syslog log will be show as below before status fail pls help to find root cause and how to fix it

Apr 18 13:46:19 ip-172-31-28-165 systemd-networkd[18468]: ens5: Configured Apr 19 07:07:01 ip-172-31-28-165 systemd-networkd[18468]: ens5: Failed

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I just launched a Ubuntu 20.04 instance with no issues. From your logs I see that ens5 failed which is the enhanced networking interface - are you trying to add secondary interfaces? Or do something else?

For troubleshooting: I'd start with the base image and then work forwards until you get to the command/module that fails.

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answered 2 years ago

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