How to get glue to discover an eventbridge payload for use in CDK gluetable deployment?


New to glue and athena.

I have a great toy example by an AWS community builder working. But in my real use case, I want to capture all the fields from an eventbridge event 'detail' section and have columns created. This is nested multiple levels. I can't figure out the schema discovery process. Tried to post a text file to S3 and have a glue crawler work on it but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

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The crawler is for data, not likely to work well on metadata like that.
You could for instance run an AWS Lambda that reads the json event using pandas (which will infer the schema).

However, my advice is not to deploy tables (at least tables that evolve) using CDK, let the code/crawlers maintain it. What it sounds you are trying to do (coordinate CDK deployments with tables changes is going to be problematic)

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answered 13 days ago

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