Origin SSL check fails with the NEW Letsencrypt Issuer


Certificates on the origin from Letsencrypt worked fine for years now.
Yesterday one of the ssl certificate of a websites got renewed successfully.

But now cloudfront makes a 503 error only for this website (one of many)
other website with an older certifacte from letsencrypt still working fine.

The only difference is that LetsEncrypt now signes with a new issuer
Old issuers was: "Let's Encrypt Authority X3"
New issuer is: "R3"

Issuer Certifactes

There are two Intermediate certifiactes,
this one make the issue:

Issuer Statement:

It seams that cloudfront dont trust the certifactes from the new letsencrypt issuer "R3"

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1 Answer

My hosting system virtualmin only renewed the certificate but not the Intermediate certificate.

After updating the Intermediate certificate manually it is working again

answered 3 years ago

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