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I have followed document and tried to configure the guard duty service for forwarding the logs to s3 bucket, everythings seems well but logs are not getting stored in bucket. Need help.

  • Please can you provide the bucket policy (removing any thing sensitive) pls

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Does your KMS key policy grant guardduty as stated in Guardduty Setup Documentation. KMS key policy would be as below:

       "Sid": "AllowGuardDutyKey",
       "Effect": "Allow",
       "Principal": {
           "Service": ""
       "Action": "kms:GenerateDataKey",
       "Resource": "arn:aws:kms:Region1:444455556666:key/KMSKeyId",
       "Condition": {
           "StringEquals": {
               "aws:SourceAccount": "111122223333",
               "aws:SourceArn":    "arn:aws:guardduty:Region2:111122223333:detector/SourceDetectorID"	

For bucket policy, follow the section Granting GuardDuty permissions to a bucket in the above mentioned documentaion.

Bucket and KMS key policy are two most common places, which prevents guarduty to write logs.

Hope you find this useful.

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