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The new Sustainability Pillar (6th pillar) is not seen in AWS WAR


The newly introduced 6th pillar i.e. Sustainability Pillar is NOT seen in the review. I created a workload in Well-Architected Review tool of AWS today. I used default AWS Well-Architected Framework Lens. While reviewing I could see only the old 5 pillars. Appreciate if someone can provide any insight or solution for getting the 6th pillar as well while reviewing the workload.

3 Answers

Support for the sustainability pillar within the AWS WA Tool will be available in 2022. Please refer for more details.

answered 8 months ago

Here is the AWS Well-Architected Framework of Sustainability Pillar.

AWS Blog Link:

answered 6 months ago

The Pillar is now available in the AWS Well-Architected Tool.

answered 2 months ago

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