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Sagemaker Service


I am using AWS Sagemaker services and delete any instances that belong to the services. However, i still get charged per day even though I dont use the service anymore. I sent the case to the customer support center but no clear explanation yet. Please any kind of help for my account to stop the cost.

  • You need to check in different regions, and if you have model endpoints deployed or sagemaker studio apps. The billing details should point you to the right direction.

1 Answer

Your Cost explorer can help you find what exactly are you being charged for. You can filter by SageMaker, and then group by 'Usage type'. In general, make sure -

  1. No notebook instances are running
  2. No endpoints are being hosted
  3. If you're using SageMaker Studio, all the apps are shut down for every user profile. There might still be EFS charges if you have data over the free tier. See this documentation for shutting down resources -

And, make sure to check all regions, if you've used multiple regions. This should stop recurring costs (if you had training jobs, processing jobs etc - you only pay for the billable seconds, so you won't see recurring costs).

answered 5 months ago

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