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/Importing a VHDX as an image get stucked updating at 27%/

Importing a VHDX as an image get stucked updating at 27%


Nice to meet you. I saw a similar question, but I will ask again because the OS of the virtual machine is different.

I wanted to migrate a virtual machine created with Hyper-V to AWS, I ran the following command in the AWS CLI.

aws ec2 import-image --disk-containers "file://bar-locar.json"

At first it works fine. However, after a while, if you type the following command, The progress rate remains at 27% and it will not progress.

 aws ec2 describe-import-image-tasks --import-task-ids import-ami-XXXXXXX
IMPORTIMAGETASKS        import-ami-XXXXXXX    27      active  updating
SNAPSHOTDETAILS foo       /dev/sde        43490738176.0   VHDX    completed       s3://myS3bucket/VM.vhdx
USERBUCKET      mys3bucket      Quick.vhdx

I think the requirements are met, but could you please tell me the solution?

Using VM information Edition:Windows 10 Enterprise Version:21H1 OS build:19043.1165 Experience:Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0 Locale:en-US Filesystem:NTFS Partition Style:GPT

1 Answers

I don't think you are doing anything incorrect if the migration has progressed as much as you have described. You will need to open a support ticket to look into this or reach out to your AWS account representatives.

answered a month ago

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