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/How to stop attachments on email report/

How to stop attachments on email report


When I send an email report to myself, the email has no attachments but when I forward the report to leadership then I end up with an attachment for each section of the dashboard. How do I stop this from happening.

asked 4 months ago7 views
1 Answers

Can you please clarify what you are doing, I am a bit confused on which functionality you are using.

When you mention forward the report to leadership how are you doing that? From inside Quicksight ?

In case is a schedule inside QuickSight have you checked if during the creation of the schedule the optional checkbox for the attachment was selected?

Also, for QuickSight related questions we have launched a fully dedicated community; in case you want to check there to see if there are further answer to your questions.

hope this helps,

answered 4 months ago

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