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Combining two accounts that once had consolidated billing


A long time ago I had two active AWS accounts (A and B). I had consolidated billing so that B account paid for the useage of the A accountr. Then I stopped using the A account and move all operations over to B.

Now I have started using A again but saw that the consolidated billing is no longer in operation. Instead we should make use of organisations. I created an organisation in B and invited A. However when I got to accept in A, it says that A is already part of an organisation. How do I remove A from the current organisation so that it can be a part of B's organisation?


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1 Answer

I was told that I had to remove the account from the master org. This seemed unintuitive to me as I had always assumed that the account was the top level and orgs underneath them. By removing the account from the org I had assumed that I was somewhat shutting the account down.

Anyway once I had done this I was able to move the account over to the org on the other account.

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answered 2 years ago

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